Web services restored on new servers 30th October 2022 – Emails working again

GB2RS in Morse Code (CW) coming to this site soon.  Also you will be able to sign up for our free Morse training – All from Late January 2021

Our Morse camp team will be available for booking on this site from late January 2021 

**Launch date delayed from previous date due to covid technical issues – Sorry**

This weeks main live transmission can be found on the BATC website ( at 9am on Sunday mornings.  This broadcast can also be seen on a number of ATV repeaters in the UK as well as or local radio only rebroadcasts.  It can also be seen via Amateur TV service in other countries at various local times during the day.   

Recordings of the broadcast and text document can be found on this site and uploaded at approximetly 17.00 Hrs local time in the UK.  This is done to allow other GB2RS services broadcast by other dedicated volunteers to complete their transmissions first.

The video stream and local VHF/UHF/Microwave Radio Services are as follows:

  • Via BATC website world wide on stream link
  • 51.530 MHz – FM (20 kHz ch.sp) – 20 Watts erp.  Largest RF patern to Oxford and Swindon.
  • 70.425 MHz – FM (12.5 kHz ch.sp) – 20 Watts erp.  Largest RF Patern to the M4 Corridor and Home Counties.
  • Via GB3BN in Bracknell – 500 mW erp via 6dB yagi into repeater.  As repeater coverage.  
  • 10.355 GHz wide-band FM – 1 Watt per directional antenna each with 20dBi gain.  Each antenna has a 60 deg. spread, each is direct feed no antenna cable,  Directions are targeted at the Chilterns (ENE).  M4 Corridor (East) and Home Counties (SE). 

Our HF team provide coverage as follows: 

  • 3.640 MHz – LSB/Free DV (1200bps)
        • Main Reader – Matthew G6WPJ (Bures, Sussex)
        • Back-Up reader – Alison G8ROG (Similcast of ATV news service)
  • 3.650 MHz – LSB Anologue – Main Readers 
        • Main Readers – John G4TRN (Bristol) and Jon G6UWK (Manningtree, Essex)
        • Back-Up reader – Alison G8ROG (Similcast of ATV news service)

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